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Our services are primarily focused on developing highly functional web business systems. In addition, we also provide technical consulting services before the development phase.


Market demand analysis, appropriate technologies selection, risk reduction.

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Choose brandable domain name, help you acquire if that domain not available.

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High speed development, careful testing, worldwide deployment.

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Free one-year support and system maintenance, 20% discount from 2nd years.

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Satisfied clients


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Idea to product turning workflow

We want to turn your ideas into real products with the most optimal costs and minimize risks for you.

  • Discuss
  • Sign a
  • System development
  • Test and
    fixing bugs
  • Deploy and maintenance
                                             You share about your primitive idea and requirements
                                             -You share your wishing features list
                                             -You share your non-functional requirements
                                             -You share your competitors - if have
                                             -You share your time frame, budgets
                                             -You share future business expectations
                                             -VND.NET does research and analysis market
                                             -VND.NET confirms the possibility of project
                                            We sign a official contract
                                            -We sign contract based on agreed points
                                            -You made a deposit 50% of money
                                            -VND.NET prepares machine, needed license
                                            -VND.NET prepares development team
                                            VND.NET we develop your system
                                            -VND.NET implements your required function list
                                            -VND.NET makes sure non-functional requirements
                                            We test and fixing bugs
                                            -VND.NET prepare test environment
                                            -You test and send feedback for change
                                            -VND.NET confirms your feedback
                                            -VND.NET fix the issue
                                            -We confirm all passed
                                            -You pay for next 30% of project payment

Discuss about plans

You share with us your ideas and expectations about the final system as well as the potential for future business.

Sign a contract

After we have agreed on the goal and scope of development it is necessary to sign a contract between both parties.

System development

Based on the agreements signed in the contract on the function list as well as the non-functional requirements.

Test and fixing bugs

To improve system reliability, test and fixing bugs always a important part of our process.

Deploy and maintenance

After all parties have confirmed in the development environment, the system will be deployed in a product environment on reputable infrastructure platforms like Google Cloud Platform or your favorite vendor and continue to be maintained by our team. And you will pay for last 20% project payment

Our Advantages

The VND.NET is more than just a software outsourcing company. We are your business partner.

Clean & high quality code

We understand that it will be difficult for other developers later if at the early stage of development the project is not implemented with a careful and normative approach.

That motivates us to comply with the standards of code writing such as variable names, tabs or spaces.

This will greatly help reduce costs at a later stage if you want to continue developing or upgrading the system.

Clean & high quality code

Fully responsive by default

Our design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

As the user switches from their laptop to iPad, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities.

In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user's preferences.

Fully responsive by default

Comprehensive support

With the desire to become your long-term partner, we are always by your side to support and answer your questions about all your issues.

It is not only in the scope that we have agreed on an engineering project, but it can also be a support in terms of business ideas, market potential investigation, etc.

Support communication channels can be web form, email, phone or skype.

Comprehensive support

Quick delivery guarantee

With the advantage of skilled engineers and the network of developers in Vietnam, we are confidently to say that we can help you to solve any of your web problems with fastest speed and most affordable cost.

You can contact us by fill out below contact form or send us an email to [email protected]

Quick delivery guarantee

Who we are

Board of directors

Ngoc Pham

Ngoc Pham

Founder and CEO, 8 years in software industry. He is an business-minded skillful engineer.

Oliver Hoger

Oliver Hoger

Branding adviser, over 15 years experience of trading high portfoio domain names. Owner of platform.

Narek Avetisyan

Narek Avetisyan

Senior UI/UX Designer, 8 years+ Exp. Master's degree in Graphic Design and PhD for Cross-media Storytelling!

Frequently Asked Questions

VND is stands for Viet Nam Developers and Designers! With the aim of gathering Vietnamese talented developers and designers to conquer global customers, we have established VND.NET LLC.

Basically we are supporting English, Japanese, and Vietnamese. But if you do not speak their languages we also can hire other language speaking staff to serve you bro!

Our company is based in Hanoi, Vietnam capital. The time zone is UTC / GMT +7. Basically We work from 8am to 5pm in weekdays. But we can also arrange human resources for your ad-hoc needs.

Select your Plan


200 hours package

  • Yearly contract type
  • Most suitable for ad-hoc requests or maintenance
  • No limited in a project's scope in 1 year
  • Total hours reserved: 200
  • Prepaid and no refund policy
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Fixed Project

  • Project contract type
  • 3+ man-months size project required
  • Monthly working hours: 160
  • Payment 50%, 30% and 20% of project price
  • Free 1 year maintenance for contracted features
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Dedicated man

  • Monthly contract type
  • Most suitable for MVP development
  • No limited in a project's scope in 1 month
  • Total hours reserved: 160
  • Free 1 year maintenance for contracted features
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Client Testimonials...

Paul Collins
Paul Collins

It has been a pleasure working with Ngoc; his technical skill, willingness to help, attention to detail, excellent communication and most importantly the quality of his work (and I don't mean "eventually after snagging" - I mean at the initial delivery) have all combined to forge a lasting business relationship and a very happy customer.

Oliver Hoger
Oliver Hoger

Its great working with Ngoc! I have been working with him for 3 years now he has built many tools. Website as well all custom build. Always on time and very quick in planning.

Andrew Rosener
Andrew Rosener

Andrew comment here...

Chris Zuiker
Chris Zuiker

Chris comment here...
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